Innovative humic fertilizer GUMOGEL

We present a new type of highly efficient humic fertilizer –

Soil fertility regulator GUMOGEL

It is an innovative agrochemical produced from peat with a high degree of decomposition.

GUMOGEL is an effective organic soil fertility regulator. By activating humic acids, it improves the work of soil microorganisms, which stimulates the active development and growth of plants.

The role of humic acids in soil fertilization

The most important indicator of soil fertility is the amount of organic substances it contains, called humus. Humic and fulvic acids and their compounds are considered the most valuable and biologically active. They stimulate an increased metabolism in the root systems of plants and the development of soil microorganisms, that increase the soil aeration and contribute to the restoration of humus.

Lack of humus in the soil negatively affects the effectiveness of mineral fertilizers. Humic fertilizers, timely applied to the soil, significantly increase crop yields, improve the soil structure, and have a long-lasting positive effect on plants and microorganisms biocenosis. Humic fertilizers effectively relieve stress on plants caused by the lack of organic matter.

Гуминовые удобрения

Humic fertilizers neutralise the soil, accelerate seed germination, increase the yield of crops grown from them and strengthen their immunity. In addition, the combination of humates with mineral fertilizers turns hard-to-reach plants in easily assimilable (chelated) forms and reduces their consumption.

We decided to use these important advantages of humic fertilizers to develop and produce an innovative highly effective soil fertility regulator, called GUMOGEL.

Main characteristics of the fertility regulator GUMOGEL

The main effect of the GUMOGEL is acceleration of seed germination, its anti-stress effect under adverse weather conditions, growth stimulation during all vegetation stages, delivery of microelements in chelated form, decrease of mineral fertilizers and plant protection means consumption during crop processing.

Гуминовые удобрения

What is it

  • It is an organic agrochemical, obtained from peat with a high degree of decomposition by thermomechanical activation of organic acids.
  • It is a complex colloidal suspension in its structure of carbon, humic and fulvic amino acids compounds, as well as microelements (manganese, iron, copper, boron, zinc, molybdenum)
  • The consistency is gel-like, which reminds of liquid sour cream.
  • The size of solid particles in the suspension does not exceed -150 microns.

The composition

  • Organic matter – 130 – 350 g / l
  • Humic acids – 50-110 g / l
  • Fulvic acids – 10 -25 g / l
  • Unallocated carbon 100 – 220 g / l
  • Micronutrients

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What is it good for?

  • Increases the energy of plant seeds germination
  • Stimulates the growth and development of plants at all stages of vegetation
  • Provides the plants with an optimal level of nutrition
  • Improves the soil structure
  • Increases water retention capacity of the soil
  • Stimulates the development of soil biota
  • Increases overall soil fertility
  • Regenerates degraded soils
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  • Forms soil from inorganic ground

How to use

As an aqueous solution for:

  • Pre-sowing seed soaking or mechanical processing of seeds
  • Soaking the roots of plants
  • Spraying or watering
  • Hydroponics

In the form of a finished product in the formation of a fertile soil layer.
Applied to the soil with agricultural equipment used for regular fertilizers.

The consumption

For pre-sowing treatment of the soil:

  • Treatment of weaker soils before sowing to improve fertility – 10 liters per 1 hectare
  • Restoration of depleted, degraded, contaminated soils – from 30 to 40 l per hectare
  • Seed treatment before sowing 2 l per 1 ton
  • Crop treatment during vegetation 3 – 4 l per 1 hectare
  • Restoration of degraded soil 30 – 40 l per hectare
  • Fertile soil layer formation 200 l per cubic meter of soil

What is it beneficial for

  • Increases seed germination energy after sowing by 30%
  • Enhances the root system development and increases the biomass growth up to 180%
  • Increases plant survival under drought, frost, bays, pesticide treatments
  • Reduces the use of mineral fertilizers by 20-30%
  • Reduces fresh water consumption during irrigation by 3-4 times
  • Increases plant survival rate up to 100%, allowing to avoid re-planting
  • Contains no pathogenic bacteria, helminth eggs, insects, weed seeds
  • Long-lasting due to washout resistance
  • Does not pollute the soil and does not contain artificially synthesized chemical compounds
  • Restores degraded and contaminated land for agricultural use

Where to use GUMOGEL

  • Agricultural enterprises, private farms, landscape gardening, sites of municipal facilities landscaping, nursery gardens of decorative plants, hydroponics systems, drip irrigation of plants
  • When restoring, cleaning and improving eroded, polluted or depleted soils
  • On inclined slopes for roads and ravines
  • When carrying out landscape work in urban areas and outside the city

How to store

  • Stored in a place protected from direct sunlight at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° С
  • Shelf life 12 months without decomposition and loss of useful elements


  • Canister 1, 5, 10, 20 liters
  • IBC containers 1000 liters

Application with other fertilizers

  • Allowed to be used in conjunction with urea-ammonia blends and other mineral and organic fertilizers, in conjunction with chemical plant protection products

Extra features

  • It is possible to adjust the base components of the product for each type of plant, climate and soil features.

The cost of GUMOGEL

More about organic fertilizers

To restore the fertility of depleted and deserted soils, we produce peat pellets with the addition of highly effective humic substances and additional microelements

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