Innovative production company of modern organic fertilizers

We produce high-quality organic soils and substrates, environmentally friendly regulators and restorers of soil fertility, as well as plant growth stimulants, based on peat.

The company has a manufacture in the Tver region for the production of organic fertilizers of its own development. We can produce any peat compositions, humates and soil ameliorants, including those according to the customer’s specifications.


Environmental friendliness and product quality

We carefully monitor the quality of the peat used in production and do not allow its use in violation of mining technology. All raw materials are certified and fully meet the requirements of GOST.

The high quality of our products is confirmed by the conclusions of the Moscow State University. New products are tested under the Agrochemicals Registration Program of the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation.

Custom work and partnership

We produce soil ameliorants and solutions for soil formation according to the individual requirements of the customer. We are glad to have partners with a long-term cooperation strategy, and we are ready to produce products with the customer’s logo on the package.

Who are our buyers

We supply organic fertilizers of our own production to retail chains, ornamental plant nurseries, wholesale organizations, agricultural producers in Russia and the Commonwealth countries.

Sale is carried out only in wholesale from the manufacture in Tver.

Our organic fertilizers

Check out our range of modern highly efficient organic peat-based fertilizers with a high degree of decomposition.

Modern scientific advances in the field of soil science and sustainable agriculture make it possible to create safe organic fertilizers that are able to regulate the composition and structure of various types of soils. This allows you to achieve active growth and development of plants at all stages of the vegetation.