Modern organic fertilizers

Production and wholesale of innovative organic fertilizers based on environmentally friendly raw materials to restore and improve the fertility of depleted soils, stimulate plant growth, and increase yields.

While developing new types of efficient agrochemical preparations, we proceeded from the most significant problem of modern agriculture – the inevitable depletion of the fertile soil layer in the process of its intensive agricultural use.

Relying on the latest scientific achievements in the field of ecological soil science and sustainable agriculture, we have developed safe organic fertilizers that effectively regulate the composition and structure of the soil in various climatic zones.

The use of organic fertilizers for efficient farming

The high quality of our production is confirmed by the conclusions of the Moscow State University laboratories and certified tests under the registration program of agrochemicals of the Ministry of Agriculture in Russia


Humic soil fertility regulator, an effective seed growth and plant development stimulator, the basis for the restoration of degraded, and the formation of new fertile soils

Soil ameliorant

Organic granular fertility modifier of depleted, saline and deserted soils, soil loosening agent


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How we work

Development of new fertilizers

We create new organic fertilizers and produce them for public sale or to individual customer requirements

Peat mining and production

We have our own manufacture in the Tver region for peat mining and fertilizer production

Approvals and Certificates

All raw materials and products are carefully controlled and approved by the conclusions of experts and test centers