Soil ameliorant for restoring soil fertility

Discover a unique organic fertility modifier for depleted, salinized and deserted soils.

Soil ameliorant – peat granules with the addition of highly effective humic substances and additional microelements. It is unique due to its ability to create a sustainable renewable fertile system within a short period of time.

Universal technology for sustainable farming

Soil fertility is the basis for an effective farming. Soil quality is determined by the amount of air, minerals, soil moisture and humus it contains. Mineral fertilizers can provide complete nutrition for plants but cannot control the other factors.

Почвенный мелиорант в пеллетах

To solve this problem and increase the productivity of farming even in poor and depleted soils, our company has developed a unique soil ameliorant – a modern modifier for fertile layer restoration.

By mixing ameliorant granules with soil it creates a fertile soil layer and ensures high crop yields even in depleted soils in regions with a hot, dry climate and limited water resources.

The main characteristics of soil ameliorant

Peat ameliorant granules – are pressed cylinders 3-6 mm in diameter and 5-20 mm long (so called pellets for plants). In this form they are easy to store, transport and use.

Pellets are produced under high pressure without the use of chemical stabilizers. During its production the initial raw material is mixed in specified proportions with activated humic fertilizers and additional microelements, and then pelletized.

Почвенный мелиорант в гранулах

The result is an environmentally friendly peat-based organic fertilizer used to restore depleted soils and increase the productivity of agriculture and crop production.

The composition

  • Humidity – not over 25%.
  • Acidity – 6-8 рНMКІ
  • Bulk density – 400-600 kg/m3
  • Organic substances – not less than 85%
  • Humic substances – not less than 30%
  • Nitrogen (NH4 + NO3) – not less than 0,4%
  • Phosphorus (P2O5) – not less than 0,8%
  • Potassium (К2О) – not less than 0,8%

What is it for?

  • Regenerates a fertile layer of the depleted soils
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  • Provides the plants with an optimum level of nutrition
  • Strengthens the plants resistance to diseases
  • Increases the water holding capacity of the soil
  • Does not wash out easily and remains in the soil for a long time

How to apply

  • Mixed with local soil at a ratio of 1:10 or 1:20 (depending on the type of plants)
  • Poured into the soil with the same equipment as for ordinary fertilizers

What is it good for?

  • Creates a renewable, stable fertile system within a short time
  • Keeps additional moisture in the soil
  • Reduces the seeding costs for reclamation
  • Increases the survival rate of the planted plants up to 100%
  • Free of pathogenic microorganisms and weed seeds
  • Eliminates the loss of organic substances and microelements in the soil
  • Stimulates the growth of the root system of plants
  • Strengthens the formation of healthy soil biota

Where to use

  • To restore the fertility of exhausted, saline, sour, deserted soils
  • For soil regeneration after industrial use
  • For decorative landscaping
  • As a fertile layer for vineyards
  • For cultivation of flower gardens and plantations
  • For seedlings of perennial plants with a closed root system

How to store

  • Store in a place protected from moisture at a temperature not exceeding 25 ° C
  • Shelf life 12 months without decomposition and loss of useful properties.


  • Big-bag (polypropylene bag 1 cubic meter)
  • 1 big-bag weight 400-600 kg (depending on humidity)

Extra features

  • On customer’s request the basic components of ameliorant can be adjusted to specific plant species, climate and soil features

The cost of soil ameliorant

We produce the soil ameliorant and sell it in Russia and other CIS countries. Please note that we sell only in bulk!

Minimum batch is 1 cube.

More about organic fertilizers

For effective regulation of soil fertility by activating humic substances, our company developed a unique type of organic fertilizer GUMOGEL

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