Soil degradation (soil erosion) is a gradual deterioration of soil properties under the influence of natural causes (natural changes in soil formation conditions) or human activities (improper agricultural practices, soil pollution, changes in the structure and water regime, etc.). Erosion is an active process. It causes a loss of the state of aggregation of the soil, such agronomically valuable properties as structure, density, porosity, capillarity, water permeability, moisture capacity, which are indicators of soil fertility, disappear.

The content of nitrogen and organic matter in the soil decreases catastrophically.

The application of Gumogel leads to the fact that humus substances, which are the main active ingredient of the product:

  • by enveloping, gluing together the mineral particles of the soil, contribute to the creation of a very valuable water-tight cloddy-grained structure, improving the water permeability and water retention capacity of the soil, its air permeability.
  • contribute to the significant activation of those groups of microorganisms that are involved in the mineralization of organic substances.
  • have the ability for gelation. Due to this ability, after soil treatment with Gumogel, its water-holding capacity increases.
Гуминовые удобрения

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To restore the fertility of depleted and deserted soils, we produce peat pellets with the addition of highly effective humic substances and additional microelements

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